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Romanian Love Affair - Behind the Scenes of an IIT

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I'm often asked why, being British, I live in Romania - especially when many Romanians dream of living in Western Europe. My response is always that I'm here because of love. While this doesn't tell the whole story, it is the truth.

My love affair with Romania started when I first visited in 1995 to run management training for a large corporation. At the time I was fascinated by the contrasts such as the beauty of the countryside and the ugliness of so many of the modern buildings. Or the obvious affection for children and their neglect in the state institutions that came to light after the revolution. Or how a nation of dog lovers lives with packs of stray dogs roaming the streets. Or how the charm, warmth, generosity, openness and hospitality I experience so often in the people I meet , seems to disappear the moment they are in a position of authority.

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This is the second of a series of articles about my personal experiences of how an NVC International Intensive Training (IIT) comes together. The article is about the IIT we are hosting in Romania from 20-29th October 2015 and my hope is this will also be of interest and support to participants and organisers of past, present and future IITs.

Find out more about what an IIT is HERE  and find out about our Romanian IIT HERE.

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