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It Started With a Dream - Behind the Scenes of an IIT (Part 1)

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This is the first of a series of articles about my personal experiences of how an NVC International Intensive Training (IIT) comes together. If you would like to find out more about what an IIT is, click HERE

I will be writing specifically about the IIT we are hosting in Romania from 20-29th October 2015 and my hope is this will be of interest and support to participants and organisers of past, present and future IITs. Find out about our Romanian IIT HERE.

The Seeds of a Dream

340px-Marshall_RosenbergThe IIT is still 6 months away but the journey started years ago for me in 2002 as a participant at an IIT in Hungary. I had first heard NVC at a conference a year earlier where Marshall Rosenberg was one of the keynote speakers. Right from that first contact I felt deep inside that learning NVC was a path I wanted to follow and immediately set about discovering all I could about it.

In those days I was living in Poland and working as a business trainer. NVC was not well known at the time but I managed to find a few people who were organising trainers from abroad to come and run workshops.

Signing up to go to the IIT in Budapest was a big step both in terms of time and money but I had no hesitation when I discovered there was this possibility virtually on my doorstep. It was a truly amazing and deep experience learning directly from Marshall and a team of trainers who were, for me, role models in living and teaching NVC.

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