Giraffe and Jackal Withinby: Justine Mol

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About the Book:

Marshall B. Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication, chose two animals to help convey his ideas with power and clarity: the jackal and the giraffe. They represent two qualities in us. The jackal is result-oriented, judgmental and authoritarian. The giraffe is both gentle and strong, regarding whatever comes up with kindness, communicating from his heart and seeking connection and clarity. In The Giraffe and Jackal Within, Justine Mol makes it clear that it is possible to accept and give space to the jackal, while at the same time, out of a deep desire to contribute to happiness and peace for all, being able to be a giraffe. The giraffe helps the jackal to express himself, so his ruthlessness can transform into compassion. Justine describes the characteristics of the jackal and giraffe sides of us, gives us tips and examples of how people speak in their jackal and giraffe moments. An inspirational book in which the reader can experience what Nonviolent Communication consists of.

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Publisher: SWP publishing

Edition: 1st Edition February 2013

Pages: 104

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