by: Liv Larsson

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Is it possible to help other people solve their conflicts without getting sucked in yourself?


And there is a specific set of skills which makes it much more likely that your efforts will be successful.

This book, step by step, teaches you how to become an effective mediator. Add practice, practice, practice (and some self-reflection), and you will soon celebrate your first successes in helping people to connect, whether you are a parent, teacher, business manager, counselor or peace worker.

Apart from that, you will get a good foundation in Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC), on which this very down-to-earth approach to mediation is based upon, and lots of answers to practical questions.

Take the chance to learn mediation from Liv Larsson, an experienced trainer who has taught peacemakers in violent conflicts in Thailand and Sri Lanka (and to many others in Western countries) and who applies the very same skills to solve conflicts in her family.

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Publisher: Friare Liv

Edition: 2nd Edition 2011

1st Edition was published in Swedish and is available through the publisher’s website

Pages: 257

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