By: Bridget Belgrave and Liz Gay

Available from:

Life Resources




About the Key:

This data CD provides a set of tools for NVC facilitators. ‘A Key to NVC’ is a visual representation of the NVC process. It is a build-up model, developed by Bridget Belgrave, ideally suited to PowerPoint. These PowerPoint slides, created by Liz Gay, offer four sequences for building the model, so the presenter can choose their own preferred way of introducing NVC, supported visually by these clear, elegant slides.

Note: There are English, Dutch and German versions of the PowerPoint slides on this CD.

This CD offers:

  • PowerPoint slides, which form a visual basis for a presentation of NVC
  • A guide to using the PowerPoint slides and 3-D versions of ‘A Key to NVC’
  • A master copy of Bridget’s handout for ‘A Key to NVC’ for your use
  • Templates for making the four ‘ingredient’ shapes out of coloured card
  • The ‘needs circle cards’, a tool that integrates with ‘A Key to NVC’

(from Life Resources website)

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