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Website for the Center for Nonviolent Communication is probably the best starting point for anyone looking to find out what NVC is all about, find trainers close to them, upcoming training, how to become a Certified trainer, tons of free resources and much more.

If you register an account with them (free) you have access to additional free materials.

*Note: The store is currently operated manually, though there is a note that it is being upgraded to enable online ordering. Until that is in place, if you want to buy anything from them, you need to telephone/fax your order.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication is a global organization that supports the learning and sharing of NVC, and helps people peacefully and effectively resolve conflicts in personal, organizational, and political settings.

CNVC is a steward of the integrity of the NVC process and a nexus point of NVC-related information and resources, including training, conflict resolution, and organizational consulting services. CNVC’s mission is to contribute to more sustainable, compassionate, and “life-serving” human relations in the realms of both personal relationship and social systems and structures, such as business/economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peace-keeping. NVC work is being done in over 65 countries and growing, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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