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Edizioni Esserci is an Italian publishing company producing original NVC books aimed mainly at children.

The site showcases several series and each series is available in Italian, English and French.  The best place to start is the catalogue and then find the items you want in the store.

About Edizioni Esserci

“Edizioni Esserci”, under the editorial direction of Vilma Costetti, began its publishing activity in 2003 with the publication of the Italian translation of Marshall Rosenberg’s book ‘Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life.’

At Edizioni Esserci we mainly publish educational materials and books about communication, in Italian, French and English. Our aim is to provide communication skills and guidance to people who are interested in living in harmony with themselves and with the outside world, and who want to use their power “with others” rather than “over others”.

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