By: Bridget Belgrave

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About the Package:

‘Connect with Respect’ is a set of materials created out of the ‘Nonviolent Communication and Urban Beats Film Project’.

This project took place in east London in 2004, with twenty-one 17 year-old students from NewVIc College.

The pack consists of a handbook, a 25 minute film on DVD and a data CD containing the materials used in the project The film was made collaboratively by students and teachers using a ‘participatory video’ approach. It offers a lively, real time, insider’s eye to the ten weekly classroom sessions. This is not a ‘professional’ film ‘about’ a project. The camera was an integral part of the project. The HANDBOOK includes a guide to the film, and details of all the NVC learning activities used in this project. The CD has the MATERIALS in ‘ready to print’ format for both A4 and US paper sizes. The materials are suitable for use in educational settings with teenagers. The materials on the CD are those needed for the NVC activities described in the handbook.

(from Life Resources website)

NOTE: there is an NVC Dance Floor by the same name designed for young people.

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