by: Jane Marantz Connor and Dian Killian

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About the Book:

“Making use of contemporary language, examples, illustrations , and popular culture, Connecting Across Differences presents Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in a compelling and accessible way for college-age students and adults. Detailed and comprehensive, this combined book and workbook enhances communication skills by introducing the basic NVC model, as well as more advanced NVC practices

This book gives special attention to:

  • Body-mind connection in the practice of NVC (connecting physical sensations with feelings and needs)
  • De-mystifying the practice of empathy by translating “root” words in judgments
  • The practice of reflection
  • Silent empathy and the “dance” between empathy, self-empathy and self-expression
  • Protective use of force
  • Looking beneath strategies to get clear about our needs
  • Giving life-serving feedback, compliments and gratitude

In each chapter, numerous exercises invite readers to apply NVC skills and concepts in their own lives. The second part features extensive dialogues illustrating NVC in action including in self-empathy, empathy and mediation. The book closes with a resource guide for further learning and an interview with Marshall Rosenberg from the February 2003 Sun Magazine.”

(from Puddledancer Press)

Publisher: Hungry Duck Press*

*A small publishing project by Brooklyn NVC

Edition: 2nd Edition 2010 (1st Edition 2002)

Pages: 367