by: Kelly Bryson

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“Don’t Be Nice, Be Real! is a lively, light approach to a deadly serious subject-our lives. It combines humor, radical wisdom, and new culture spirituality to teach the mechanics and spirit of Nonviolent Compassionate Communication to cure “Niceitis,” a hereditary disease.

The author has shown that nonviolent communication works wonders, in even the roughest of situations. He’s used it with street gangs in San Diego, combined groups of Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland, Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East, and among the Croats, Serbs, and Muslims of the Balkans during the Bosnian war. PTA meetings, business conflicts and marital custody battles call all be utterly transformed by these techniques. This book takes us from behind the wall of culturally conditioned niceness, “

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Publisher: Elite Books*

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Edition: 2nd Edition 2010 (1st Edition 2002)

Pages: 320

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