by: Sylvia Haskvitz

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Beyond Habit



About the Audio Book

“An Audio Book, Read by the Author, with CNVC Certified Trainer Sylvia Haskvitz.  Recorded in Tucson, Arizona, USA

Refresh your relationship with your body and food. With compassion as your ally, you can learn how to:*   Cut through cycles of over-consumption and dieting.

*   Enjoy power with food rather than battling eating patterns that seem to have power over you.

*   Transform eating habits into choices that meet your needs, leading to greater personal freedom.

*   Enjoy eating to meet both the needs of your body and your desire for deeply satisfying culinary delights.

Let the question and answer format of Eat by Choice lead you on a journey to discover solutions that work for you. You can listen to the book in order or go right to the questions that speak to you. Those who have read the book say they experience a deeper sense of clarity just from hearing the book read aloud. With sound dietary information and the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication to support you, you have the opportunity to befriend your body and food, moment by moment, today and everyday.”

(from Author’s Website)

Publisher: PuddleDancer Press

Length: 3 hours

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