By: Marc Weiner

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About the Empathy Labyrinth:

The Empathy Labyrinth®, was developed by Marc Weiner in 2006 as a tool to teach empathy skills and Compassionate Communication. The EL is inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The EL is a vehicle to facilitate joyful, empathic heart-to-heart connection with yourself, others and your beloved Divine Power.

When you want to connect to what’s going on inside you, you first need to identify to your thoughts, feelings, and needs/values. The EL provides an emotional vocabulary with over 250 feelings and needs/values words.

The EL is laid out like a labyrinth with 3 concentric circles. The outer circle includes ten different beloved Jackal thoughts (i.e., habitual judgments, assumptions, & the like). The middle circle has 125 feelings words. And the inner circle has 125 needs/values words. You simply go around the EL identifying and connecting to your:

  • beloved Jackal thoughts
  • feelings
  • needs/values

During this process, you will gain:

  • clarity
  • compassion
  • empowerment
  • connection

You will be able to choose actions that are more connecting and congruent with your core needs/values.

(from Empathy Labyrinth Website)

The Labyrinth comes in several different sizes and formats:

  • Handheld (English or Korean)
  • Floor
  • Floor (Tent Card Version)
  • Carpet
  • Carpet Feelings and Needs Cards

Producer: Empathy Labyrinth Center

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