I launched NVC World around 6 months ago and decided this was a good time to reflect on progress so far, and next steps. I value transparency and openness, so would like to share several aspects of this reflection.

The site has absorbed a lot of my time, energy and heart – and after 6 months I can say I’m even more enthusiastic about it than I was at the outset. And that’s saying a lot!

There are many areas I celebrate. The depth of the content I’ve discovered, those who have created that content, the encouragement and feedback I’ve received and the connections I’ve started and deepened.

The Site

I wanted an easy to navigate, comprehensive and decent looking site.

I’m self-taught when it comes to computers, which means a lot of trial and error combined with extensive use of Google search to discover how to do all the things I want to do but have no idea about.

For the last few years I kept a blog (Quantum Learning) and this really helped me gain a strong platform in WordPress. I’ve relaunched the blog as Perfect Already because of several reasons. The years of working on those sites helped me prepare for this much more complex project of NVC World.

I started with a free WordPress theme I liked (Producer) and made extensive changes and tailoring to get the site just how I wanted it. I’m sure there is plenty of room for improvement but so far I’m delighted with the results both in terms of structure and design.


My aim is to provide a complete map of NVC on the web, and beyond, and I think I’ve made huge progress towards that aim. I claim in the header this is ‘the most extensive source for Nonviolent Communication resources on the web‘ and I really believe this is correct.

Over the last 6 months I’ve spent many weeks surfing the web and building up a picture of what’s out there.

I feel amazed at how much wonderful stuff is produced and distributed on the internet – to say nothing of the work people are doing face to face, sharing and living this process of NVC.

If you’ve not done so, I invite you to explore the site as fully as your time allows. It will take you to places and people where change is really happening from the personal level to the social level.

In addition to collecting and sharing links through the site, I’ve also been sending daily updates through Twitter and the Facebook page (555 ‘followers’ on Twitter and 92 ‘fans’ on Facebook). I’ve been writing original material for the site on ‘World of NVC‘ and my forthcoming eBook (end of August launch is my best estimate). The recent addition of the Directory for Non-Certified trainers has added a new dimension to the site (over 50 people listed so far!).

When I think about everything I’ve achieved in pulling this content together I feel proud and my needs for meaning and contribution are fully satisfied.


Just under 1,600 people visited the site in the last month, bringing the total number of visitors so far to just under 4,000.

I’m really pleased with these numbers, as they represent far more people than I could meet face to face. Many of these visitors have exchanged emails with me (I reply to every message I get!). Those who have written me have given me some great feedback on the site, suggestions for improvement and pointers to content I would otherwise have missed.  I’ve also had the pleasure of Skype calls/chats with several visitors.

All these connections have really nurtured and encouraged me.


While money is not my reason for the site, it is one of the ways I measure its success. I want to balance how I’m spending my time and energy and money is clearly linked with this. My aim from the outset was for this site to eventually generate a moderate income stream of €500/month through advertising and affiliate income.

To date the site has generated €56 in total – which is a long way short of my goal!!! It has at least  just about covered the costs of running the site.

Looking at this I’m a little discouraged and confused. Is my goal way too optimistic? Are the ways I’m developing the site, traffic and income going to work or not? What else can I do to add value to the site?

I’m curious about how this will change over the next 6 months and feeling less hopeful about the financial side than I was 6 months ago.

Goals for Next Six Months

Continue with all the regular activities:

  • Twitter and Facebook update (12/week)
  • Original articles (1/week)
  • Searching and adding resources in all categories
  • News updates on the front page (weekly)


  • Publish at least 6 guest articles (contact me if you would like to write for the site)
  • Add a ‘New to the site?’ page to help new visitors find their way around the site
  • Rework the Directory to combine all trainers into one place and add more functionality
  • Double the average number of visitors
  • Increase monthly income to at least €350/month
  • Launch 2 eBooks
  • Start an Email list with weekly news, updates and original material

And you?

If you are drawn to help me realise my goals, here are some ideas about how you can do that. CLICK HERE.

What do you like about the site? What else would you like to see on the site? What can I change to make it even better?