by: Marci Winters and JP Allen

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About the Book:

Giraffe Juice and Giraffe Juice: Workbook are part of the Giraffe Juice Project aiming to share NVC with 1 million people.

Giraffe Juice will offer you or someone you love a fun introduction into the wonderful world of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Ages 8-12 and most adults enjoy it too.

Quick Synopsis: Giraffe Juice is a story about Eva Cassidy, a twelve-year old guitar-playing and harmonica-jamming girl who can make musical notes do wonders. But when it comes to getting Jip Jackal to stop bullying her at school, she doesn’t know where to start. Then one day Eva discovers a secret that changes everything.

Would you like to know a secret to making peace with people who are hard to get along with? Here’s a clue: It’s a secret you probably already know, but sometimes may forget.

(from Publisher’s website)

Publisher: Giraffe Juice

Edition: 1st Edition 2010

Available for free download from the publisher or can be purchased as a paper version.

Pages: 144

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