by: Tania Wolk and Brita Lind

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Amazon(paper version)

Giraffe Juice (paper and electronic version)

Note: electronic version is free to download_

About the Book:

Giraffe Juice: Workbook and Giraffe Juice are part of the Giraffe Juice Project aiming to share NVC with 1 million people.

We created the Giraffe Juice Workbook to offer a fun and entertaining way for parents and teachers to share Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with young people (we had the ages 8-12 in mind). It can be enjoyed at home or in the classroom as a companion workbook to Giraffe Juice: The Magic of Making Life Wonderful.

Either book can be read first, as a complement to the other.

(from Publisher’s website)

Publisher: Giraffe Juice

Edition: 1st Edition 2010

Available for free download from the publisher or can be purchased as a paper version.

Pages: 30

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