Available from:

After a long break in production and availability they are now available from Germany: Empathikon

and Australia: NVC Works



About the Puppets:

“Children and adults use these furry creatures to practice or teach Giraffe (NVC) and to tame Jackals.”

(from CNVC Website)

The giraffe and the jackal are often used in NVC training or practice as symbols for two modes of communication. The giraffe represents life-serving communication when we are connected to ourselves and others. The jackal represents when we are communicating without that connection.

Any giraffe or jackal puppet can be used, of course, though are often hard to track down in regular stores.

Sets have been produced specifically for NVC purpose in several places and are available in different incarnations, including:

  • Adult Giraffe/Jackal glove puppets (useful for simulating entire conversations)
  • Adult Giraffe/Jackal ears (useful for demonstrating listening modes)
  • Giraffe/Jackal finger puppets
  • Baby Giraffe/Jackal toys
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