by: Veronica Lassen and Debbie Berkana

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Heart Vistas



About the Curriculum:

Three teacher curricula on CD, available separately or together as a package.

  1. PreK-1st grade (ages 4-7)
  2. 2nd-4th grades (ages 7-10)
  3. 5th-6th grades (ages 10-12)

“Heart Talk for Kids underlying values come from Nonviolent Communication and Unitarian Universalist principles, yet are relevant to a much larger audience. It is easily adaptable to other settings, including public schools, homeschooling, small groups, etc. by making some minor changes. Each curriculum has 16 lessons on a CD. It also includes information about adapting the curriculum to a shorter program, introductions to each concept, notes on what to expect and helpful hints on being prepared, and an extensive appendix with songs, games,activities, recipes, etc.

Empower kids to create peace!

Connect kids with their own power to create peaceful relationships. Kids transform anger,and experience more love, peace, and fun in their lives. Children value themselves and others through learning communication skills based on Marshall Rosenberg’s model of Nonviolent Communication.

Movement, activities, games, art, stories, songs and time in nature address different learning styles and make this curriculum fun for both children and teachers. Lessons emphasize feelings, universal needs, making requests, understanding (empathy) for yourself and others, gratitude, transforming anger, conflict resolution, and active peacemaking.”

(from Publisher’s website)

Publisher: Heart Vistas

Length: each data CD is one curriculum of 16 lessons

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