by: Melanie Sears

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“Now that U.S. policymakers have tackled the first major health care policy reform in history, it’s also time to take a candid look at the dysfunctional culture that has such a dire effect on the quality of patient care. From domination style management, fear and judgment-based practitioner relationships, and a poignant separation between physical, mental, and emotional care, the costs of these factors are enormous. Sears argues that the most effective way to evolve this problematic culture is to shift the language used by those providing care.

Through real-world stories and practical examples, Sears demonstrates the profound effectiveness Nonviolent Communication offers for creating lasting, positive improvements in patient care and the workplace environment. If you’re a health care administrator, nurse, physician, mental health practitioner, or anyone who cares about creating a more compassionate — and thereby more effective — health care system, then you should read this book.”

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Publisher: Puddledancer Press

Edition: 1st Edition 2010

Pages: 112

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