by: Rick Goodfriend

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“Using Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication skills, Rick Goodfriend uses his own communication challenges to model how to have more satisfying and trusting relationships using quick, yet effective communication tips.

The tips will help your communications and effective listening be more peaceful and satisfying, easier and less stressful, with personal and business relationships, ex’s and even in-laws. Learn to use proactive communication skills instead of reactive. You can have easier and closer relationships using these easy to learn gems. The tips are short, easy to use and highly effective.

Your communication skills may be outdated and cause you more stress than you want. Fine-tune your communications in minutes that will last a life time of stress free relationships. Build instant trust and connection with just a few words. 102 Nonviolent Communication listening skills and training quick tips with exercises that can quickly change your personal relationships. You can even use these in business relationships. Excellent for anger management and conflict resolution, building trusting and effective relationships. A quick solution for building emotional intellegence.”

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Edition: 1st Edition 2009

Pages: 192

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