by: Jerry Donoghue

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Inner Empathy


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Inner Empathy: Opening Ourselves To The Heart Of Self Compassion is a self published eBook (also in hard cover).

The Inner Empathy work is derived from my own experiences of deep self-connection and of supporting hundreds of others in groups and in private sessions. I believe this Inner Empathy work is a significant contribution to the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) community. Although other psycho-spiritual models are integrated into the Inner Empathy work, the Nonviolent Communication model that was developed by Marshall Rosenberg (and from the consciousness that gives the model its life) is the overarching paradigm driving the conceptual and experiential aspects of this work. I believe I have stayed true to the spirit and intent of the NVC paradigm. I am eternally grateful to Marshall for his lifetime of innovative and powerful work.

Inner Empathy work was specifically developed for those in the NVC community worldwide who have an interest in using NVC to develop deep personal growth. The work will also support many in the NVC community who enjoy exploring a type of spirituality that supports learning to connect with and abide in the present more fully.

(from Preface to the book – Publisher’s website)

The first chapter of the book is available free on the Inner Empathy website.

Publisher: Inner Empathy

Edition: 1st Edition 2009

Available as an eBook and in hard copy.

Pages: 135

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