by: Susan Skye

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Susan Skye


About the CD

“‘An ‘experiential’ teaching session, with clear taught input and guided exercises, on how to connect to and live from the ‘living energy’ or life force of needs. Instead of relying on our needs being met by external sources this CD guides us in learning how to ‘hook up’ to the universal life energy of the need internally – a bit like going ‘wireless’ – so that it’s available to us at all times. It demonstrates to us how we can transform our empathy practice from something that might sometimes seem flat and mechanical when using only ‘needs’ words, into something, by connecting with the living energy of the need and using ‘word pictures’, that leaves others with an experience of ‘Hey, this person really gets me!’. Practice as you learn, and get a real felt experience of this living energy of needs.”

(from Life Resources Website)



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