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About the Website

There is a ton of useful and stimulating materials (written, video, audio) and online workshops and training sessions and the possibility to create your own, tailored learning plan.

You need to register (free/basic/premium) with the Academy to access any materials or purchase training.



There are 4 subscription options:

1.   Free Subscription

Create a free account for access to all the freely offered materials on the site (including some online learning).

It is not so obvious to find this option. The easiest way is to browse the materials on the site, find a free offering you like the look of and select it. This will take you to the account registration page where you can create an account without a payment plan.

2.  Basic Subscription

The Basic Subscription is a paid membership option (either monthly or annual) giving you access to the full range of the Academy’s materials through the site only (meaning you are not able to download the materials). You can also attend virtual training and live workshops, paying for these as you go (though some are offered free).

3.   Premium Subscription

The Premium Subscription is the same as the Basic Subscription with the additional benefit that you can download multimedia files to your own computer. There is a choice of monthly or annual subscriptions.

4.   Email Newsletter

This helps you stay in touch through getting Emails from the Academy and you can choose what information you want to get. To sign up, go to the site and you’ll find the sign up link at the top right of the site.

You can also follow the Academy on Twitter or read the blog. 

About the Academy

“The NVC Academy, LLC was established January of 2006 by Mark Schultz of Sedona, Arizona and Mary Mackenzie of Flagstaff, Arizona. It was created as a result of many heartfelt conversations where we shared our longing to greatly increase the number of people who are able to learn Nonviolent Communicationsm and thereby increase the very real possibility of world peace.

The Dalai Lama says that if we think world peace is possible only by restricting conflict, we are missing the point.  Conflict is part of being human.  To attain world peace, we must learn how to be in conflict with an intention for resolution. The NVC Academy expands opportunities for people from all over the world to learn tools for focusing on resolution through Nonviolent Communication. Our goals are to:

  • Make NVC available to all people, even those who live in geographies with no local trainers.
  • Give NVC practitioners access to the worldwide network of certified trainers.
  • Accelerate the NVC learning process.
  • Help people connect with the trainers they most resonate with.
  • Provide direct financial support to the international certified trainer network.
  • Introduce NVC to large populations of people not yet acquainted with the process.
  • Most of all, have some fun and add to life!”

Important Note

I have an Affiliate account with the NVC Academy. This means if you sign up through any of the ads or links on this site then I receive a small percentage of any purchases you subsequently make. If, for some reason, you don’t like the idea of me getting money this way and you still want to register then use this link instead: NVC Academy.