By: Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie

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Life Resources

Subtitles in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish



About the NVC Dance Floor DVDs:

These DVDs will deepen your understanding of NVC, and help you learn to use the NVC Dance Floors in workshops, 1-to-1 sessions, practice groups and at home.

(from NVC Dance Floors website)

There are three DVDs available in the set and can be bought individually or as a discounted package.

13 Step Dance for Dialogue DVD

Self Empathy Dance DVD

The Anger/Shame Dance DVD

Each video is presented and coached by Bridget Belgrave and run to more than 2 hour each.

Contents include:

  • ‘The Magic of the NVC Dance Floors
  • Introduction
  • Demo
  • 2 live coached ‘Dance Floor processes’ (3 for the Anger/Shame Dance)
  • 2 group discussions (3 for the Anger/Shame Dance).

DVDs can be shipped anywhere in the world. Buy from Life Resources