by: Miki Kashtan

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About the CD

“Many of you have heard Miki’s radio program “The Conflict Hotline,” the call-in radio show that aired on KPFA between 2004 and 2006. We are very excited to announce that excerpts from this radio show are now available in a 2-CD set. We picked a variety of situations and subjects enabling the listener to witness the power of NVC in action. In her interactions with different callers, Miki models empathy, authentic and vulnerable expression, guidance and coaching. Where relevant, she also shares examples and stories from her own life experience.

It is our hope that you will find in these conversations guidance in addressing challenging situations in your own life and inspiration to choose compassion as a means to connect with yourself and with others in your life. We have found that many people tune into the power of NVC through this medium, and are hoping that you will consider buying this CD set as a gift to introduce people in your life to NVC.”

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