by: Marshall Rosenberg

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“If you’ve searched for effective communication and parenting tips to improve your family relationships, you are not alone. This powerful, practical booklet offers the unique skills and perspective of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). While other parenting resources offer communication models or discipline techniques, NVC stresses the importance of putting compassionate connection first. Compassionate Parenting can help create a mutually respectful, enriching family dynamic filled with clear, heartfelt communication. Raising Children Compassionately is an exceptional resource for parents, parent educators, families and anyone else who works with children.

A parent himself, Marshall Rosenberg has taught NVC to parents, families, children and teachers for more than 40 years. Parents around the world have used his advice to deepen family connections, move past conflicts and improve communication. His revolutionary approach helps parents motivate children to act without the threat of punishment or the promise of reward. Learn how to model compassionate communication in the home to help your children resolve conflicts and express themselves clearly.”

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Publisher: Puddledancer Press

Edition: 1st Edition 2004

Pages: 32

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