by: Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson

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About the Book:

Students Can Resolve Their Own Conflicts!
The No-Fault Classroom is a quantum leap for classroom management! Offering far more than discipline techniques that move aggressive behavior out of the classroom to the playground or sidewalk, The No-Fault Classroom leads students ages 7-12 to develop skills in problem solving, empathic listening and conflict resolution that will last a lifetime.

Learning Thrives in Safe Classrooms
With 21 interactive and step-by-step lessons, construction materials, and adaptable scripts, educators now have the tools they need to return order and co-operation to the classroom. From the rural school to the inner city, the charter school to the home school classroom, The No-Fault Classroom helps all educators jumpstart engaged learning. Curricular Tie-ins guide teachers to integrate the conflict resolution tools to meet state learning requirements in social studies, language arts, history, reading and science.

Use this hands-on guide to:

  • Empower students to prevent and resolve their own conflicts
  • Create a No-Fault Zone that facilitates empathy and respect
  • Enhance students’ emotional vocabulary and effective communication skills
  • Co-create a classroom culture of respect, trust and co-operation
  • Jumpstart learning and meet state learning requirements
  • Develop problem-solving skills students will use for a lifetime.”

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Publisher: Puddledancer Press

Edition: 1st Edition 2008

Pages: 240