by: Kendra Gettel

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How to Use Nonviolent Communication to Get to The Place Where You Have Always Wanted to Go

This book uses concise, humorous sample dialogues to show you the – mostly unconscious – thinking and behavioral patterns that let you fall and how to free yourself from their spell over you. You will learn field-tested steps to get out of about any mess.

Nonviolent Communication after Marshall Rosenberg is a wonderful and supportive tool to improve personal and professional relationships. At least in theory – because in practice you repeatedly encounter situations that are –well frankly – just a hard nut to crack and in which none of what you have learnt seems to be helping you.

If you are experiencing any of this, most likely you are simply stuck in one of the possible traps of applying Nonviolent Communication. You probably don’t know about their existence and no one has warned you. When you do recognize these traps and avoid them, you are setting the course for your breakthrough.

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Publisher: Agentur für Innere Freiheit

Edition: 1st Edition February 2014

Pages: 120

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