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Choosing Peace

Choosing Peace TMBIke Lasater and John Kinyon have nearly 40 years combined experience in an NVC approach to mediation and conflict resolution. This book offers an approach (with concrete tools and skills) to communication and conflict that creates peace- internal and external.

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Empathy In Conflict Intervention

Empathy in Conflict InterventionThis book provides a study of the role of empathy in mediation through a theoretical model of the effectiveness of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) mediation. The theory and conditions for a successful mediation can be applied to any intervention method.

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A Helping Hand, Mediation with Nonviolent Communcation

Liv Larsson's step by step guide to learn how to be an effective mediator using NVC. Help other people solve their conflicts, without getting sucked in yourself, with a specific set of skills to make success more likely in your mediations.

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NVC In Action

Excerpts from Miki Kashtan's KPFA radio show 'The Conflict Hotline' from 2004 - 2006. The 2 CD set comprises interactions with callers where Miki models empathy, authentic and vulnerable expression, coaching and shares her life experiences.

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Conflict Hotline

Selected DVD highlights from NVC trainer Miki Kashtan's TV show, 'Conflict Hotline'. 2 DVD set collected from the show's first series in which Miki coaches BayNVC trainers and practitioners as they role-play conflicts provided by viewers.

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Free Mediation Resources

Conflict Hotline Taster

Taster for the Conflict Hotline TV Show in which Miki Kashtan coaches BayNVC collaborative trainers and advanced practitioners as they role-play conflicts that viewers send in or call in to the live television show! Clip is about 3 minutes.

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5 Ways You Can Augment Your Mediation with NVC
Article by mediator H. Scott Clemens writing about how NVC supports his mediation practice through reframing, maintaining neutrality and sanity, getting people to the table, the 'dreaded apology', working in the conflict field and beyond.
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Mediation Triad Practice
By Ike Lasater (with Julia Stiles). "When we are involved in a personal conflict, it can be difficult to step outside of our own point of view and gain a larger perspective. This is exactly the approach that can help bring about a shift."
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National Mediation Conference 2010
2010 Mediation Conference in Adelaide, Australia featuring a wide range of approaches and speakers (over 90 audio files from the conference). 23a is 'Mediation and Mediator Self-Care: A Non-violent Communication Approach' with Ike Lasater.
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What Is NVC Mediation?
A Powerful Model for Healing and Reconciling Conflict, by Ike Lasater (with Julie Stiles). "I have found NVC mediation to be an effective means of reconciling differing perspectives, so much so, I have taken it on as a life practice."
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