As you’ve maybe noticed if you’re a regular visitor, my writing and posting schedule is sporadic and doesn’t fit into any discernible pattern. If I’m honest with myself I have yet to find my writing voice on this site and as money is not flowing as easily as I would like right now I’m putting energy into other things. The two may well be connected – the result is I’m not developing the site as rapidly as I would like.

So I’m going off on Summer Vacation for the next 4 weeks and plan to leave the site alone. I would like to spend some time reconnecting to the needs I’m trying to meet with NVC World and also how I might add more value in a way that brings something back to me. The site isn’t sustainable yet (far from it) and to continue to put energy and time into it does mean it needs to become so.

In other words it’s going to be quiet around here for the next month and then back in action in September – hopefully with more focus and enthusiasm.

Starting Monday next week I have a series of articles being published in Not Easy To Be Green – do pay a visit over there.