The internet is a wonderful thing, providing so much information at your fingertips and the possibility to connect with people anywhere in the world.

Finding what you’re looking for, though, can be quite a challenge!

Do a Google search for ‘Nonviolent Communication’ and you’ll get well over 1.2 million results. It would take you around 70 days of surfing (without sleep) to check out each of those results. Google ‘NVC’ and you’ll get more than 8 million results!

NVC Resources all in one place

NVC World makes it easy to find what you’re looking for by collecting links to all the most useful, inspiring and  popular sites, pages and people on the internet.

All of it directly relevant to NVC.

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What’s In It For Me?

Collecting all this information meets many of my own needs – ease, efficiency, exploration and inspiration and sharing it through NVC World meets many more, such as community, contribution, meaning and creativity. It’s not complete yet and maybe never will be. But my goal is to continue to add to the site as I discover more materials and eventually build this into a complete map of the NVC presence on the internet.

And, to be honest, I’d like to make some money to allow me to do even more of it.

Check out ‘How to Help’ to get some ideas about ways you might support the work I’m doing here.

Who Am I?

I’m Ian Peatey, a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2008 and learning NVC since 2001. I was born in 1963 so didn’t grow up as accustomed to the online world as my children will. Even so I got interested a couple of years ago in the potential of the Internet to connect people, provide learning opportunities and share information. It’s the perfect medium for bringing the huge NVC community closer together and to expand the community by sharing NVC to a wide audience.

I run workshops and individual coaching – send me an Email if you’re interested to know more. I also love to write and create.

In 2010 I was asked by my friend Ike Lasater to write an endorsement for his NVC book, “Words That Work In Business“. I was very flattered to be asked and even more so when my endorsement was chosen for the front cover of the book. My ego had a field day and I feel ashamed to admit it, but several times I caught myself searching for his book on Amazon and enlarging the picture so I could see my name. On Amazon!

Yeah, it’s kind of sad, I know.

I went to CNVC site to check out what they had to say about Ike’s book and I was rather astonished to find it wasn’t there (though I think it is now!). No mention of it at all. I had wrongly assumed for years that the CNVC site would have all NVC books and materials.

The more I poked around, the more I discovered the wealth of resources available (both for sale and offered free) in widely different places. Nowhere could I find a complete and up to date listing or catalogue of the NVC resources available. So NVC World was born to do just that and a bit more .. to make a decent looking site to promote NVC materials.

I hope you like it!