I want this site to be as comprehensive as possible so aim to include more rather than less.

1   Professionally produced materials

I aim to include all materials produced and offered in exchange for money provided they are principally about Nonviolent Communication.

An exception to this is that I’ve also included a section (currently only in the Amazon Store) to include those books recommended for Certification Candidates.

2   Materials Offered Free

I aim to build an extensive collection of links to a variety of freely offered resources. This does involve some selection and the criteria I take into account are: length, topic, author, quality of writing (purely subjective) and the extent to which the writing models NVC. If I’ve missed out materials you would have included yourself then do let me know (Email). It could be I just missed it!

One area I’m clearer about is blogs.


I come across many stand alone blogs or ones that are attached to a static site. I estimate 90% of these were started with positive intention to update regularly but were given up after a few articles. Blogs, I know from my own writing, are tricky things and it can be hard to maintain a regular and quality writing schedule so I’ve decided to only include those with a history and regular articles. Individual articles of merit I prefer to include in the articles section.

My criteria for inclusion are:

  • At least 20 articles already published
  • Updated a minimum of 4 times a month
  • Is substantially focused on NVC (but not necessarily exclusively).

If you write a blog and would like it included here then drop me an Email.

3   Featured Links

This is a personal selection of those sites I consider to be making a significant contribution to spreading NVC through the Internet. This could be because they contain a large selection of freely offered resources, are initiating large scale social change or building large communities.At present, due to my own linguistic limitations, I have only considered those in English language.

There are many sites (often with wonderful designs) mainly promoting the services of particular trainers. I have included as many of these as I can in other parts of the site rather than as the more prominently displayed ‘Featured Links’.

If you disagree with any of my selections (either inclusions or omissions) then do let me know (Email) and we can have a dialogue about it. I’m far from perfect but I am continually getting closer.