I like the site and hope you do too.

But I’m realistic enough to know you have other things to do other than checking up on what’s new. So to save you the hassle of regular checking I’ve set up different ways of keeping up dated on NVC World. They are all free and there’s no limit to how many you choose.


Subscribe by RSSRSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and updates are sent in a form suitable for being picked up by a reader, such as Google reader. If you follow many websites and blogs this system makes life a whole lot easier and if you’ve followed sites using RSS then you’ll know already how great this system is. If not, then give it a try HERE.


Subscribe by EMailUpdates are sent to you as an Email so you’ll get a mail every time I publish a blog article or add a new resource to the site (a small handful every month). When you subscribe you’ll get an email asking you to confirm which is to make sure  someone hasn’t subscribed for you without your permission. Subscribe HERE.


Follow on TwitterI send NVC links and to my Twitter feed twice a day – you can see the current feed in the sidebar down on the right. If you are a regular Twitter user then this is a great way to get exclusive links, updates and news. If you’re not a Twitter user why not start by clicking HERE.


Follow on Facebook The Facebook page (NVC World) updates automatically from Twitter and provides a great way to interact with followers of NVC World.