How Affiliate Programmes Work

Throughout the site there are links to suppliers of NVC materials and products as well as a few adverts.

Google Ads

The Google ads on each page are targeted adverts. Google chooses adverts to show you based on any data they have about your viewing preferences together with what they know about this site. I like to think there’s a person somewhere making this choice – but in reality it’s automated. You’ll hopefully see adverts relevant and useful for you .. and mostly this works well. Sometimes the system may make some strange decisions and I have no control over that.

In exchange for allowing Google to display ads, they send me a little money anytime someone clicks on an ad.


For every product written about here I’ve tried to give a selection of links to suppliers to help you get hold of the products. Some of the links are directed through an Affiliate programme and that’s mostly done in the background. If you follow an Affiliate link (e.g. to Amazon) a small automated communication takes place (a cookie) that tells the supplier you came from my site. If you then make a purchase, the supplier gives me a small percentage of the sale in return for passing them your business.

You pay the same whether you click on my link or bypass it and go straight to their site.

Each Affiliate programme works in slightly different ways, all are perfectly safe, secure and have no impact on the price you pay.

To see the businesses I have Affiliate relationship with, check ‘Affiliates’.

Other Adverts

There are some other adverts on the site from Affiliates. These work exactly the same way as links described above only they are much more prominent.

My Policy

I love this site and would carry on even if I earned nothing.

I have some Affiliates and Adverts because I would like to receive enough money to cover my costs – and if there’s more than that I take it as a sign I’m doing something of value.

Google ads are here more as an experiment. They don’t bring much money and I’m open to take them down if that doesn’t change as I’m not especially attracted to how they look on the site.

Affiliate links I believe are a win/win/win system. My policy is that if a supplier has an Affiliate programme then I sign up for it and pass the link through it. They get a sale, I get a commission and you get ease of access to the supplier. My principle is to provide links to the publisher of a product plus at least one other source. Of preference I choose Amazon because I use and appreciate their service and reach.

I’m checking out Book Depository because their prices are good and they deliver free to most places in the world – which is a big bonus. If I’m satisifed with their service then I’ll probably mov away from Amazon and switch to the BD.

Other ads are only here when I really believe the service/product has high value in contributing to the spread of NVC.