Where to start?

First thing to say is there no single place where you can buy all the NVC materials being offered for sale across the globe.

The more ‘mainstream’ items are available from many different sources – some specialising in NVC, others (such as Amazon) have NVC materials as a small part of their total offering. More specialised items are only available from a few suppliers and, in many cases, available only from the individual trainer or organisation publishing or producing the item.

This picture can make buying stuff a bit of a headache and one of my aims with this site is to make it simpler for you.

Here are the main options with a brief description of advantages … and disadvantages:

Amazon (International)

+ Wide selection of materials available sourced from many locations so reducing delivery charges, operate a second hand option and have extensive descriptions and reviews of many items.

– Do not stock more specialised items (games, training aids etc.)


+ Stock most of the popular items (books, CD’s and helpful tools) plus some older materials that are exclusive to CNVC. Profits earned from sales contribute to the spread of NVC worldwide.

–  The ‘store’ is really a list of items and with a manual ordering system (meaning you need to phone or fax your order). There is a note on the site that this is being upgraded but no indication of when that will happen. They operate from the USA so delivery charges can be high if ordering from another country.

Puddledancer (USA)

+ Main publishers of NVC books so stock all the ‘mainstream’ books and booklets. Operate an online store which is easy to use and website looks great.

–  Operate from the USA so delivery charges can be high if ordering from another country, only stock books and only those they publish themselves.

Life Resources (UK)

+ Stock a wide selection of NVC items in the UK, including several exclusive to Life Resources (such as Dance Floors family of training aids). Operate an online store.

– Operate from the UK and the website is a bit tricky to navigate.

NVC Academy (USA)

+ Offer many unique resources for download and interactive webinars and workshops.

–  You need to register an account with them to access most of the resources (including some of the free stuff) which can put some people off (NOTE to register an account for free, select one of the free offerings on the site and you’ll be taken to the subscription pages).

Fully Alive/MN8Love (Australia)

+ Supply from Australia so low delivery charges for Aus/NZ, both operating online store and variety of payment options. Links: Fully Live and Mn8Love

–  None provided you live in Australia or New Zealand!