Many have said NVC is easy to understand and hard to do.

Understand The Basics

There are many ways you could get a quick understanding about what NVC is all about.

Probably the best place to start is one (or both) of these videos of Marshall Rosenberg talking about the method he developed. The video on the left is around 19 minutes and the one on the right is closer to 3 hours.

Marshall Rosenberg has also written a couple of books and several booklets. ‘Nonviolent Communication – A Language Of Life‘ is his bestseller and sets out the principles of the approach together with many examples and real life stories. It’s also available as an AudioBook.


Learn How to Use NVC

With plenty of opportunities to practice and learn NVC, your choice depends on how far you want to go, how much time and money you want to invest and your preferred style of learning. Here a few recommendations:

Learning on Your Own

The NVC Academy has a free 30 day course called ‘Get Started with NVC‘ comprising audio, video and email study with 6 different trainers. They also have subscription plans available for their library of materials.

Sounds True has an ‘Online Training Course’ by Marshall Rosenberg (launched in 2011) which includes a range of audio, video and written materials and costs $49.

If you prefer a simple self study book then you might try Lucy Leu’s ‘Nonviolent Communication – Companion Workbook‘. It’s designed for use by small, self-managed groups and contains plenty of exercises and a structured programme that can also work for single study.

Learning With Others – Training/Workshops

I seriously doubt it is possible to master NVC entirely on your own, so some form of workshop (either virtual or in person) will likely be wanted at some point. The NVC Academy has a range of live online training courses you can sign up for – offered by more than 25 different Certified Trainers.

If you prefer a live, in person training try looking in the Center For Nonviolent Communication training calendar. Or find a trainer close to you and check out their individual offers.

Learning With Other – Unstructured

Many local organisations and trainers host thriving NVC communities where you may well find a practice you could join. If not, consider starting a group yourself? Lucy Leu’s book mentioned above is designed to support a group and read my guide to starting a practice group to get you going.

Facebook is also a good resource with many groups and pages. The most active one I know about is this one.


In the interests of transparency, I want you to know the links on this page to NVC Academy, Sounds True and Amazon are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small percentage of any sales generated by these links. I only ever recommend products, training etc. I believe are truly high quality and would still recommend in exactly the same way whether I get some money for it or not.