Something a little different today – this week I’m delighted to feature a poem sent to me by Susan Clarke from Australia. Susan is a music teacher and planning to become an NVC trainer sometime.

You may remember Susan from her wonderful article ‘Becoming an NVC Virtuoso‘ which is one of the most read articles on the site.

Welcome back Susan.

Self Empathy

by Susan Clarke

I see how terrified I’ve been
Especially at work
Furtively living every day
As if there was a guillotine
About to crash down and sever
My head from my body
The barbs and attacks
From the recent and distant past
Warning me
To keep my head down
Make myself small
And insignificant
Do my job
And return home
Small enough to fit into
A shoebox
With nail holes allowing
Just enough air
For survival.

Keeping myself contained
Was never going to work
And when the pressure grew
The poison
Injected into my soul
Over many years
Erupted spitting
To sting and burn
A child
A colleague
A friend
And I would despise myself even more
For my meanness
Feeling damaged beyond repair
Hurt beyond hope.

Turned inwards
A gift to myself
The promise of a newborn baby
Undamaged and perfect
Aware of  feelings and needs
Asking for what I want
Giving from the heart.

Living in the now
Rarely stalked by demons
Putting the past to rest
Feeling at ease
And at home
My Self at last.