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Conflict Management In Higher Education
Margaret Thomas Kelso, Ombudsperson of Humboldt State University writes in 2005 about how the tools of Nonviolent Communication have helped solve conflicts at the university in personal use and also through the communication protocols.
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NVC in Swedish Schools
Marianne Gothlin on NVC in Swedish Schools to create environments for learning. "If we are serious about implementing democratic values, we need to integrate and express them in daily work, not only through beautiful words in plans."
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NVC in the Waldorf School
Crossing the threshold a thousand times a day: social artistry in the Waldorf School using Nonviolent Communication. Brian Gannon addresses the question, "How does NVC relate to Anthroposophy, and can it be helpful in the Waldorf movement?"
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Transforming Power Relations
The Invisible Revolution, article written by Miki Kashtan. "Staying in dialogue is no small feat. It is hard to remember, as NVC suggests, that other people’s actions, no matter how painful to us, are simply attempts to meet their needs."
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