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Relationships Resources


Relationships TMBThis 70 page booklet, by Liv Larsson, will help you evaluate, repair and nurture the relationships that you want to see blossom.The most important of all questions in this book might be that one about how you want your relationships to be.

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Compassionate Communication Workbook

LaShelle Lowe-Chardé's workbook for individuals and couples (2 versions). It presents elements of mindfulness practice and NVC in a format to help find healing and understanding with yourself and others to create a deeply satisfying life.

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Intimate Relationships

The third of 5 CDs with Marshall Rosenberg from an Intensive International Training. Topics include: making requests that meet your need for life, giraffe giving, hearing the need behind the 'No', the cost of hearing a rejection, and more.

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Being Me, Loving You

Marshall Rosenberg shows how NVC can support our intimate and closest relationships. How to give and accept love without guilt or obligation and explore connecting to what is present or alive in the other person and receive it empathically.

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Relationships Articles

Compassionate Communication
Over 30 episodes from 2011 with Scott Catamas and guests on Unity Online Radio available for download as an mp3 file. Each episode is around 60 minutes long and focuses mainly on Compassionate Communication (NVC) in intimate relationships.
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Wise Heart
'Helping couples communicate with compassion'. LaShelle Lowe-Chardé's site is focused on NVC together with Mindfulness in relationships. A very rich resource with weekly 'Connection Gems' (since 2006!), handouts, audio files and eBooks.
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