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Beyond Good and Evil
Dian Killian interviews Marshall Rosenberg. "perpetrators who go through restorative justice are less likely to repeat the behavior. It's far more healing for the victim to have peace restored than simply to see the other person punished."
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Kimmy Meinecke
Rev. Kimberly Meinecke joined a 3-month ecumenical team to accompany Palestinians and Israelis and witness their relationships. "Seeing the other as fully human is fundamental for nonviolent communication and for just, peaceful solutions."
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NVC as an Evolutionary Imperative
Interview with Marshall Rosenberg. "We mustn’t look to leaders or the media for acknowledgement and support, we must work in our own spheres of influence, knowing that millions of people worldwide are involved in similar activities."
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Restorative Circles Interview
Dominic Barter interviewed in 2010 by the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence on his work with Restorative Circles. He says such approaches have been around for a long time though marginalised by more recent, retributive systems of justice.
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